Your Problems are Just Right the Bipolar Tango

Bipolar, crazy

Today I feel a bit like a helium balloon that is on the brink of being overfilled. I guess you could say it’s another manic Monday. Only it’s Friday, minor detail.

Does your mind ever race so fast that you feel like you can’t hold on tight enough and you may just go flying off into the abyss? This has been my entire week. Racing faster and faster, part of me never wants it to slow down. But as all good things, this too shall come to an end.

I read a great article last night, and by read I mean watched on Youtube. Who actually reads anymore?? And yes, I am aware of the irony here. Regardless, it’s totally worth a watch.

What is bipolar disorder? – Helen M. Farrell


You will be happy to know that I finally took the jump into counseling! And yes, the ultimatum my doc gave me was the main catalyst, however, I still feel a little celebration is in order. After 19 years of ignoring medical advice, a little confetti never hurt.  

How’s it going you ask? Wonderfully, thanks for asking! After the first session I didn’t run out screaming, hide under the desk, or pass out from anxiety! I’m even going back to see Kay this morning. I’m going to call her Kay, as to protect her identity and my little safe space.

She’s lovely! Last session she said she would like to work with me, and part of me was like, I didn’t realize there was a chance you could say no.

Like, “so I know you poured yourself all over my floor for the last hour, but I’m going to pass….” It felt a little like winning some kind  of twisted lottery. Or perhaps a little Goldie Locks-esk, this girl’s problems are just right.

Regardless, I’ve got myself a new counselor. ::Happy Dance::

So this week has been pretty freakin awesome. Luckily, my social anxiety disorder tends to balance out the super manic highs and keeps me from doing anything too reckless.

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